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Brian M. Burns

Attorney at Law


For over a decade, Brian M. Burns has been defending clients and producing results. In certain cases, a waged war against the police and court system can be won even before it begins. Brian has prevailed in hundreds of criminal cases before trial by aggressive confrontation of illegal police procedures. When granted, evidence suppression motions render the prosecutions case useless. In addition, he argues his client’s position with the utmost force and hones in on fatal flaws in the prosecution’s case in order to facilitate positive results. Sometimes there are critical weaknesses in the prosecution’s evidence, it is Brian’s mission to identify and exploit these vulnerabilities. Finally, Brian enlightens court proceedings on the deceptiveness and dishonesty of accusing witnesses. All of these characteristics are vital to the success of a client’s case.

Criminal defense is an extremely specialized area of expertise and can be a pitfall for even the most seasoned attorney who does not practice much criminal defense. When your liberty and freedom are at stake, you need to retain an attorney who has fought wars with hundreds of District and City Attorneys. Brian devotes almost his sole practice to criminal defense and he is eager and willing to continuously perfect his abilities on a daily basis. You need an aggressive and passionate attorney who vigorously fights for your rights.

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  • >&nbsp&nbsp Criminal Defense
  • >&nbsp&nbsp Medical Marijuana
  • >&nbsp&nbsp Drug Cases
  • >&nbsp&nbsp Traffic Violations
  • >&nbsp&nbsp DUI Cases
  • >&nbsp&nbsp Domestic Violence
  • >&nbsp&nbsp Family Law
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